Eliza kissed me

Saturday night and Eliza was going to go out dancing with her roommate Erica. I do not and cannot dance and I don’t really have the money to spend on drinking a lot. Thinking that I would be bored I opted to stay home but told Eliza that if they got intoxicated to call me and I’ll give her a ride home. At 2:20 I got a phone call. They needed a ride. I was only too happy to oblige and I drove over to the club they were at. I parked in the parking lot and stood next to the truck. The parking lot was filled with people getting in their cars and trying for last minute hook-ups. Eliza was standing in the middle talking to a guy. I could tell by his body language that he was trying to hook up with her. She was friendly and social to him but her glance kept going to the street, apparently looking for my truck to drive up. She had missed me driving up. I was unsure about what to do. I had become very jealous of this guy hitting on her strongly and I wanted to walk up to them and place my arms around her in territorial “mine” language. But I didn’t. It isn’t that I was afraid to do so, it was a feeling that she wasn’t a possession to bark about. It is one thing to show affection for each other in public (which we do) but it is another to make it a point of showing other guys. I don’t understand it really, but I wanted to give her her space and I was also unsure of how she would react anyway. The guy gave up and said his farewell and she turned away and then she spotted me. She walked straight to me and didn’t pause but wrapped me up in an embrace and kissed me long and hard. This was no “hello” kiss… this was “I’m with you” kiss. The guy and his friends saw it, I heard some exclamations from their car off to the side. Eliza didn’t stop. She was kissing me and I was kissing her. Damn the guys and what they thought or saw… I had the woman I love in my arms kissing me with great passion and disregard with what others might think. Then she stopped and walked over to a car of people and said bye to them before we all left together.

Later she was telling me that when she went over to the car to say goodbye, the girls inside asked her “is that your man?” to which she replied “no, I just went up to some guy and kissed him like that… YES he’s my man!”. To hear her say this to me, to have her kiss me the way that she did, I was ecstatic. I wanted to stick my tongue out at the guys eyeing her (because she looked DAMN HOT in the low rise jeans and halter top she was wearing) an go “nah nah nah nah naaaaahhhhhh”. Childish and immature I know… somehow I kept my composure. I told her later of how jealous I was to see her talking to the guy who was hitting on her. She affirmed that it was me she was crazy about, not the other guys, and that she was just social but that she was glad I wasn’t going crazy to her. I told her that my jealousy was my deal, not hers, that she did nothing wrong. But yes… I was still jealous (and I grinned and we kissed).

Before I turned to leave her for her night and I to go fishing, we kissed… and kissed some more. Such passionate and open kisses… I felt so much move between us then. A lot moves between us to begin with but tonight it felt like a new level was reached. I marvelled to myself that it has been over 9 weeks of steady contact with her, and that neither of us is tired of the other, that our passion is growing and changing and deepening. She told me that she wanted me to go to Mt Pilot (right name?) with her for her family reunion, that it was really important to her that I go with her. I’d love to go with her. And while I was driving up the river, the eastern sky purple and pink with the coming sun, I thought of our relationship and I am can only marvel at it. It is amazing and sometimes I wonder if this is all real or just a dream. I told her tonight that when I’ve tried to describe the sort of woman that I wanted, most of the time I really described a feminine version of myself and I chalked this up not so much to knowing what I wanted in a woman but in projection of my own self goals. But now that I’ve met her I can’t imagine wanting anything else in a woman… but the funny thing is is that in many ways we are very very similar. We are alike in so many ways that it is uncanny.

It is almost 10:00 am and I will have to force myself to grab a nap. Eliza will be getting up soon and finishing packing and then she’ll call me to help her move. I need to be ready.

I am one happy camper!


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