uploading photos

A late start to a day causes my internal clock to be way off. As it is, it is after 1:00 am and I feel as though it were only 10:00. Oh well. Miles Davis plays over the speakers, Pandora (my cat) is lying on the floor, the windows are open, and I am downloading pictures on the net.


The Kodak website where my photos were uploaded to sucks. The autozip file is horrible, causes crashes, and I’ve got to try and do this manually. I wish they’d just let me view the files so that I can download them instead of making things cute so that bugs in the program causes problems. GRRRR.

So it is taking me a while to download the pics of Eliza onto my computer… over an hour of hassle thus far. I was going to quickly download the pics, make some coffee, and read some philosophy in the warm summer night. Nope… messing with this computer.

She is so beautiful!

It is now 2:00 and I’ve got it done. Sheesh.

That’s okay… Miles Davis is still playing and I’ve got a book to read.


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