An Intellectual Community at the UO Psychology Department

The Psychology Department has approximately 30 full time faculty members. This size allows the department to function “as a whole” rather than as a set of insulated areas. Thus there are no rigid boundaries between biological, cognitive, developmental, personality, and clinical psychology. Although students admitted into the clinical psychology training program do have specialized requirements for the Ph.D. degree, they are free to pursue research problems with clinical or non-clinical faculty. We are very fortunate to have a tradition of research collaboration and intellectual communities that brings students and researchers together across traditional boundaries. For example, we currently have a weekly seminar series that is focused on joint interests in the study of emotion and in the study of development and psychopathology. Faculty and students from each of the more traditionally conceptualized areas participate in these weekly meetings.

Numerous additional intellectual communities draw students and faculty together in a collaborative way — including the following examples: Clinical Intervention, Cognitive Development, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Community Psychology, Decision Making, Developmental Psychology, Developmental Psychopathology, Emotion, Neuroscience, Personality, Psychopathology, Social Development, Social Psychology, Social Cognition, Systems Neuroscience, Trauma and Stress.

When I read this on the net, my mind instantly fills with a scrapbook of quick images, a collage as it were. One is a book bag filled with notes, various papers, books, scribbles on paper, an apple notebook, a coffee mug, trees on campus in the fall, crisp weather, the sounds of football, the click of heels on library’s steps, the sound of discussion among a small group of people in a room on matters of psychology, standing with someone underneath a tree in winter discussing emotion and behavior, challenging views, staying up in front of a computer writing a paper, going to a prof’s office.

I have before me on my desk the application and student aid apps for the Winter Term at the University of Oregon. To my left is my window, open to the summer night, the moon 45 degrees… peeking through the limbs of the trees, Eliza asleep in bed, Discovery Channel on the t.v.. Books books books… I’ve not read as much as I am accustomed to, Eliza is a wonderful and welcomed distraction, but I do make occaision to read in the mornings and late at night and when she is in the shower and so forth. The Blank Slate is wonderful thus far, and Don Quixote still makes me laugh.


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