book fetish

This is me!

Eliza made a joke the other day that I average three books a day. Even when I just recieved three new books in the last couple of days, I still find myself walking into a bookstore.

Newly bought books,

Cognitive Neuroscience (a text book and WONDERFUL)
Dragonlance, the original trilogy
Canticle (I am an R.A. Salvatore nut)
Great American Prose Poems
Robert Lowell, collected poems (never heard of him… but some I’ve read thus are great!)
The American Revolution
Chronicles of the Roman Republic (this book rocks)
Following Hadrian (about the roman guy’s trip around)
A Leap in the Dark (about the forming of the American Republic)

There are a few more that I can’t remember… Seriously… I have a book fetish and I don’t have time to read them all! I could take off for a year and not catch up. But ahhh… to have such wonderful books around me, to be able to open any one at any time and flip through it and read a bit while coffee (or chocolate or tea) sits nearby… that is good stuff. Give me fields and forest to wander, coffee to drink, and books to read… and I am a happy coyote.


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