Sunday and with little sleep I manage to rouse myself out of bed. I briefly turned back to bed and looked over the sleeping form of Eliza. I could hear the siren call beckoning me back to bed, to snuggle up next to her form and drift back into comfortable sleep. No. For three weeks I’ve chastised myself for not getting up on Sunday. Little sleep or no, I wanted to get to Universalist Unitarian church.

A light rain and I drove through the quiet streets of Eugene to the U.U. church. The service was packed. The subject was on compassion. It was a good one but it was preaching to the choir and wasn’t a very good argument. You see, I am to the point of being jaded. The saying is true that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Well, some people are just intent on messing their lives up. Alcohol and drugs are deadly. Still, it was a good service to listen to and it did have a positive effect upon me.

After the service I picked up some Starbucks for Eliza. We loaded up into the Trooper and drove up hwy 99 to Corvalis. I don’t like taking I-5. Taking hwy 99 is much nicer, a bit slower, and certainly more scenic. It doesn’t take any longer to drive, and is not stressful. We had picked up a card and some flowers for her grandmother and we took her out to eat. I got to hear an audiotape of Eliza singing when she was around 8 years old. It was nice to see her smile and blush. After a good time we turned back to Eugene and drove home.

In Eugene we fooled around a bit in the Hollywood Video parking lot and then went inside and rented some Twin Peaks, Anger Management, and Head of State. More fooling around, watching a movie, and finally going to sleep next to each other.

It was a good day.


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