Dungeons and Dragons

The bug has bitten me again.

Okay… so while I am revisiting NANOWRIMO… I’ve just killed off a character (hadn’t given him a name yet) and the body count is quite high thus far (orcs mostly). I’ve started to review my Dungeon and Dragon sourcebooks, particularly the Forgotten Realms sourcebook. I love FR, and reading the sourcebook one can see the influences of many different minds. What a wonderfully rich world. I remember when the boxed campaign setting came out way back when. I bought it. It was a map with locations but no history. There were a few myths and histories set onto the map to be sure… but it was really empty… one could go any direction with a story. Now it is, what, 13, 15, 18 years later? I don’t know… it seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago that I bought my first basic Dungeons and Dragons boxed set. It was red and had dice inside of it that you had to color in the numbers with a white wax crayon. The first mini-adventure inside was a solo adventure where you run into a rust monster and ghouls. Yikes! Then the next boxed set was a blue one, when you were no longer a newbie. Eventually one gets to the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons level. Then the Second edition rules came out and THACO was a new buzzword. I have many many many many many hours logged playing AD&D with my high school and then Marine friends.

I told Eliza that, yes, the stereotypical loner, geek, pimple faced, can’t get laid in a monkey whore house with a bag of bananas playing D&D was true… but that was far from the description of everyone that plays(ed) the game. I genuinely LOVE to play the game and I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish that I could find a group that was intelligent and fun to be with and find the time in my busy life to play. I really really really really really really do. I can remember some of my characters that I’ve had.

The most famous of them all was a neutral evil female wizard named Lucretia (after the Blood Sweat and Tears song “Lucretia McEvil” and the story told to me by my dad of the evil hag that lives down in the swamp bottoms near home named Lucretia). She pretended to be good, but it was political. It was an act to get everyone’s confidence in her, her true actions only to strengthen herself. She was fun. I can’t remember if she died though… I think she might have been killed by a Copper Dragon who realized she was evil.

Another character that I had a lot of fun with was an alcoholic, womanizing, foolhardy barbarian with a luck roll. The luck roll was given to me by the DM way back as something to counteract his brashness. The logic is that someone who foolishing jumps where angels fear to go might sometimes get lucky because the universe is shocked. This character was a hoot to play because when everyone else is thinking of tactics and which marching order and who is to do what and just what was that monster… anyone know how to kill it… the barbarian will push aside the wizard (as he is casting a benefitial spell… thus disturbing and ruining the wizard’s attempts) and do whatever he can think of to shock the enemy. When I read of Breunor’s jump over the gorge, onto the flying dragon, with a keg of black powder strapped on himself, in one of Salvatore’s books… I thought of the foolish barbarian.

I started to read the sourcebooks to familiarize myself with the spells, monsters, flora, geography, history and politics of the places in FG as I write my NANOWRIMO. But doing so has given me the bug to find a playing group. I had to hold back from going to the bookstore to get another sourcebook. I might still go by to get the latest Dragon magazine though… or swing by a gaming shop to sign up on a list of those that play. The D&D Meetup list doesn’t appear to have any life to it.


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