The cold bug, argh

The cold bug bit my ass at the end of last week. Saturday morning I had a short hike to go on with a couple members of the UU church. Walking outside probably didn’t help, especially with only a few hours sleep. I got worse. Sunday morning and I was feeling under the weather yet I had to get up to go to church. I was taking someone to church with me who wanted to hear the topic discussed, “Civil Liberties and the New Patriotism”. The UU church is against the U.S. Patriot Act. Part of Langston Hughes’ “Let America Be America“. While I listened to the poem I was reminded of attending a Nader Super Rally in Portland and Danny Glover delivered this poem with all the ability any actor could muster. Listening to the minister recite them I could again hear the empassioned voice of Mr Glover. Sunday night I was sicker still. Monday saw me no better. I tried to counteract the head fog with medicine and coffee. Nothing worked. I couldn’t get any writing done for nanowrimo.

Near the end of the night I started to feel better. I was still groggy in the morning, but after taking Eliza to an appointment and a three hour nap, I feel much much better.

I feel like writing. Only I’ve got a list of errands to run, office work to do, and more.


In my head a swarm of characters busy about multiple plots. There is too much going on inside of my head. How am I going to limit the plot? A million directions I could go. It is a sort of paralysis of the infinite. Realzing the individualities of each character, it’s own interest and life, I am at a loss as to how I am to tie them (those that make the page) together into a “story”. A story is a collection of the so-called individual lives and interests of characters is it not? The traditional “male” pattern of a spear, the beginning, the middle, the climatic end with the heroe, and the opposite “feminist”, or “container” theory of story telling.

I’ve gotten an application for Starbucks. I must have filled out a dozen or so already. This time I am merely going to run off copies so that I can hand them in on a continued, regular basis. Eliza asked me about the money. I don’t make much money now… but I’d take a cut in money for an increase in soul.


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