The Egg Bowl

On the t.v. is The Egg Bowl, the game between Ole Miss and Mississippi State. As they read the list of players and the towns they are from, most are from Mississippi. I don’t hear anyone from Grenada, but still… I know a lot of the towns that are read.

The Egg Bowl. It has a deeper ring to it for me than the Oregon/Oregon State Civil War. I don’t know why. I watch the game, held in Starkville, Ms and I remember going through the campus to meet my sister. I remember going through it once to find Paige Dawkins, a high school flame. The trees in the background are imprinted on my memory. I grew up in the South, and Arkansas, Louisana (northern) and Mississippi are…


As I watch the game, I think of my sister and two nephews. Both living in Mississippi. I think of what life is like back there in Mississippi. There are a lot of things about it I do not miss. I love life in Oregon. I love the flavor, the people, the sense of self, everything. But Oregon does not have my family in it. They are back in Arkansas and Mississippi.

Yet without my family there in the South, it loses its hold on me considerably.

Without my family with me in Oregon, it fails in its hold on me considerably.

I am torn between two areas of the U.S.

But it is Thanksgiving and I must list what I am thankful for.

I am thankful that when I went to the ER recently, that it wasn’t a heart attack but an esophogial spasm. (whatever that is)

I am thankful that, frustrated as I am in my job, that I am better off than last year (and that year better than the one prior). Next year will be even better.

I am thankful that I do have my family, even though they are a long distance aways.

I am thankful for Eliza. Of course I would like to see my nephews today… but I cannot think of anyone else I’d rather be with for today.

The last month wth Eliza has been great. Tiring… yes. But rewarding.

I’ve not spent many Thanksgivings or Christmases with family since 89. I’ve gotten used to being away all the time. Yet sometimes I do miss them with an intensity that is surprising. But having Eliza with me today has made today much better.


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