yippie ki yay

I sent a friend an invite code. I hope she enjoys LJ.

I’ve been doing some thinking lately on a couple of things. I was reading the story of a writer’s beginning. The (then) new writer wrote of how she was taking a writer’s course and that an established writer (one that influenced her) was giving lectures in them. She thought and thought and thought on what to ask her hero. When she finally met him she asked “how do you write without sounding so preachy”. The writer said that it didn’t matter what you write, what you believe will shine through.

The new writer was stunned, realizing that she could write romance novels, adventures, mysteries, etc… and that her message would get out.

That was a good notion. It is true that various markets are low (children’s books have felt a bust after the goosebumps series), but it still feels good that one can write anything and get a message out.

I can write a story about dragons and elves and all that jazz.

Another thing the writer said was that the she organized a group of aspring writers and helped others. She said that she learned very well that the best way to succeed in your dreams is to help others in theirs.

Hence my current thinking.

I am mulling over different ideas. It has been a fantasy of mine to someday open up a coffee shop and to convert a back room into a printing room. I’d have a really big, fast, laser printer and wifi for laptops. At my coffee shop community writers would meet and drink coffee, discuss ideas, (it would be a bohemian haven) and they would write them. We’d publish a little zine showcasing local writers. Eugene is blessed with a wealth of knowledge, insight, voice, opinion, and I’d like to tap into it.

Well, who says I have to wait for a coffee shop to do this? I’ve found a cyber cafe which is owned by a writer, who wants to complete her novels, who wants to reach out to the writing community and her ideas were very similar to mine on a lot of levels. That would be one avenue.

Another avenue is a website. My own website, eddiecoyote.com costs me $9 a month. I’d pay another $9 a month for a dedicated writer’s website. Get some local writers to submit material, post short bits on the web, and even publish (maybe only cheap versions) every three months (holding coffee socials to raise money for publishing the thing).

When I moved to Arkansas after the Marines I had a computer and a printer. I noted that there was NO VOICE for pagans in the area. I could almost meet some, but they wouldn’t meet me face to face, would remain hidden, scared of the persecution. I put out flyers around town (to have them removed by pentecostal women in long dresses), get dirty looks for my pentagram, and I’d get anonymous letters telling that they wanted to meet me and others, but would not, because they were scared.

I had visions of starting up a newsletter and I even made one, putting in graphics, little facts, tidbits of info… but I had no place to send them to, no list of people to read them, no cafes or shops to post them in.

At the University of Arkansas at Monticello I had a personal website and I began to put little blurbs on it, as if it were a newsletter. I criticized the president of the university. I had letters out there and I forwarded an attack of the policies of the president to everyone (faculty included). I had been met by several faculty members, all privately, afterward and they all cheered me on, but support was not coming. One, a chemistry teacher from California told me that I was the closest thing to a college student he had seen yet at the small conservative, sleepy, commuter based college.

The thougts are back. I don’t have any particular message to get out, other than that I love the process. I want to write. I have ideas to get out in whatever form or shape I can put them. I love analogy and cannot see why one cannot write seriously about racism, classism, substance abuse, personal responsibility, free-will, in less serious guises. I want to enrich and offer another venue for other voices to get out.

So I am mulling these thought over in my mind, thinking of what I can do. But instead of merely dreaming, I am going to write down goals and steps to achieve them.

The future is what we make it.


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