Woo Hoo

I must get ready soon to go to work, but before I do… a quick update.

Yesterday I paid a visit to the campus and talked with someone in the Registrar’s. I wanted to get an understanding of the processes I would have to take to ensure my starting classes on January 5. Basically, go to orientation on the 4th, get my ID card, show proof of immunization, pick some classes, get financial aid a week later, get a bill a couple days after that, pay/receive difference between bill and aid.

Other things to do are to complete an application to the psychology major (meet with advisor) and figure out which classes I’ve taken in psychology thus far can be used toward my degree and which ones I must still take. Also, join the local chapter of Psi Chi. There are also various learning communities on the campus that I’ve heard about and if they are anything that I think they are I would like to join one. Also, meet with a few profs and see if there are any research opportunities that I can join on. Of course this would absolutely demand that I seriously brush up on two areas, 1) Statistical Methods and 2) Research Methods.

I went into the psychology department (Straub Hall) and oohed and aahed at various things. Took down some numbers, email addresses, and basically tried to appease my appetite for now. It is like sitting next to the christmas tree with presents under it while christmas day is still two weeks away.

Speaking of christmas tree. When I got home Eliza and I put the ornaments on the tree (after dinner), though it has been up and lit with lights for a week now. We put up colored balls, some wooden ornaments, and the angel is actually a small ornament of a bear in an angel outfit hanging from the top. Then I added some snow to it and it looked great.

Our first christmas tree. It is the best!

We watched a movie and then after a while we went to bed.

Today I got up and didn’t do much of anything save send emails to people on campus and re-join the American Psychological Association (though this time I can’t afford to subscribe to any journals), and subscribed to two publications of Psi Chi.

Now it has grown dark and I must get ready for work. Though what I really want to do is stay home and read.


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