Return of the King

I’ve read the books many times. I’ve always loved book two (The Two Towers) more than the other two, with “Return of the King” my least favorite of the three.

However, I so enjoyed the previous two films that I went to see the third one as soon as I could.

I was speechless. Not the same sort of speechless that had me sitting under a tree contemplating my life the way I did after watching such films as “Shindler’s List” or “Saving Private Ryan”, but speechless still.

For three and a half hours the audience, myself included, were on the edge of our seats, not tearing our eyes from the film. It was paced so well, the angles of the shots so well placed, that we were spept along for the ride.

It did not seem like three hours to me.

There were MANY tears in the audience when the fellowship was reunited in Frodo’s bedroom. We had just witnessed devestation, despair, madness, sacrifice, bravery in the face of certain loss, and the highest examples of courage and comraderie (this ex-Marine was extremely moved), that to see the fellowship gathered around a healing Frodo… the feeling of relief and joy swept over the audience.

Wonderful movie. Stunning. The sound effects and the visual effects seem to grab you in your chair and you feel as though you are among the Rhohirrim as they sweep down upon the Mordor host.

Without a doubt, this trilogy is the best that I’ve ever seen.


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