So yesterday was pretty unclimatic. Well… okay… it had it’s ups. I watched two football games (including a pretty good Ravens game), read a bit of Sartre, finished setting up more online bills through MSN Money Plus, and then some power snuggling with my baby (she’s the best) and then sleep. All in all a good night’s sleep (though she hasn’t slept as well last night).

Up this morning, walk into the living room and…


I see a white world outside of my window. I felt like a kid as I looked at the white, silent, snow-covered world outside.


I dig the way snow looks. I am wanting to go out to Mt Pisgah and hike along the trails there. But I am drinking my coffee, and listening to NPR while I enjoy a quiet morning.

Yes… NPR’s Morning Edition. I’ve not listened to it in two years (since my first car died). I listened to NPR every morning while driving thirty minutes from Hamburg, Arkansas to the campus of UAM in Monticello. I listened while going to and from work in Houston. I listened to the afternoon edition while driving to work in Junction City.

Right now I am listening to a piece that looks at four species on the original 1967 Endangered Species list and how they are recovering. I love NPR. Two years ago Terry Gross (from Fresh Aire) was on a book tour and hit Portland. I wanted to go to Portland to get a book signed but was unable to make it.

I will often play CNN, or Headline News on the t.v., but I really love NPR. It is better produced, has more things of importance to me, and is all around better (I think).

This is all due to the new DSL line. After moving from one apartment to this one I lost my DSL and had to use dial-up. Yes, dial-up on a computer that was average in 1998 sucks. After getting DSL running I now get much better internet radio sound. I don’t listen to the radio station offered on the regular radio. It sucks (exept for NPR). The same songs, the same artists, all crap. On the net I can listen to whatever suits my mood.

I love it!


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