Thoughts on God and Love before going to work

Friday has come and gone, another week of school. Work tonight, at the church tomorrow morning to help in cleaning up, work tomorrow night… then it is Sunday.

Sunday… a day to relax.

Oh yeah… and cram for a test on Monday morning, prepare for a test on Wednesday and Friday! I’ve not prepared for any of the upcoming tests as I’ve poured a lot of energy and time into reading and thinking about Locke, Berkeley, Spinoza, Leibniz, and Hobbes for Wednesday’s test. The test was much easier than I had thought it would be. Two questions, on on Spinoza’s idea of extended substance being an attribute of infinite substance (God) and Nature. Piece of cake there. Question 2, Berkeley’s model neccistates the existence of God’s mind… why? Again… piece of cake.

After the test I re-worked my exam for folklore, typed up my lab results for psychology, and prepped for philosophy discussion. So Friday morning I slept late, skipped a class, and just slept. It was soooooooooooo nice to sleep.

Driving to school I left the radio off (I’ve been listening to talk radio for the past week) and just meditated as I drove. As I brought the Explorere to a stop in the parking lot I was in a state of calm and peace. Creativity flowed through my mind. In the background of my thoughts was the theme to Harry Potter, composed by John Williams. Before me, across the street, is one of my favorite houses in Eugene; a large three story house with a brick facade, sculpted arch doorway, and a round staircase enclosure that ends in a “witches hat”. I love that house and I can imagine living inside of it, with one room dedicated to nothing but books, another room my bedroom, another a work-study (work unrelated to books), kitchen, etc…

We entered into Hume this week and I really should have been at the lecture today. Sleep was too much for me to resist… “La Belle Dam Sans Merci” had me ensnared it would seem. Yet my mind did move into Hume a bit as I drove to the university. Hume is a skeptic, an empiricist, but it wasn’t this that kept my attention. It was a note he made in the early part of part 2 that I had expanded on in a couple different directions, briefly, on my philosophy discussion paper. I had never read Hume before now and I am sure to enjoy this.

A gentle rain falls on the Earth. I am happy to be alive.

My earlier entry could be taken as attacking to God. Had a family member read it they might become quite alarmed, angry, resentful, and perhaps stop speaking to me for a while. But this would only illustrate what they do not understand as my meaning.

There is an old man who has lived in the forest for all his life. This forest is on the eastern slopes of the Coastal Mountain range in NW Oregon. He gets a lot of rain, moss grows everywhere (even on the soles of his shoes!). He lives with giant Pacific slugs and elk and the constant patter of rain. He has a love and awe for the forest around him. One might call him a mystic hermit like the prophets of the Old Testament.

Imagine what kind of love and reverence might be in his heart.

Another old man lives far away. He lives in the high desert. Rain is scarce to him and when it comes it comes with a vengeance with flash floods. The horizon much farther away for him, broken by distant mountain ranges and lone juniper trees. He lives with rattlesnake and mule deer and might be considered similar to the prophets of the Old Testament.

Imagine what kind of love and reverence might be in his heart.

One day these two men take a trip and as luck would have it they meet.

What seems more likely… a great fight on the merits of their personal experience with Nature, or a wondrous dialogue?

The greater the defense a person is about his or her religion… the less I am inclined to believe in it’s worth.

It is amazing to me that (if history is true) that early Christians could endure great prosecution, being handed to lions, and meeting secretly in caves, to continue practicing their religion so that it comes to dominate the world, and yet Christians today cannot imagine any little slight against their belief as they are afraid that it will bring down the whole damn system. God forbid if gays are allowed to marry… we might as well give up the ghost!

The notion of God is something that is deeply personal to me and by this I mean something who’s meaning and essence is so deep that it goes below analytical thinking and into the marrow of my bones. This is not to say that my concept of God is better than Christ, or Allah, or whatnot… I am opposed to the shallow gods perpetuated by the shallow minded and the enforcement of ignorant half-truths and dogmas onto the masses as though humanity does not have the capacity or even right to exercise reason. A christian talkshow host said a few days ago that “as they became learned they became fools” and he espoused a sense of ignorance and non-questioning onto his listeners “in the name of God”.

“In the name of God” are five words that I am against. Do nothing in the name of god. Don’t donate food in the name of god, don’t sing hyms in the name of god, don’t take a shit in the name of god.

So what does one do?

Seek understanding of yourself, of the world around you. Seek it… seek it. Don’t accept the words of tricksters and wisemen and hooligans and talkshow hosts. Seek out understanding of yourself. Define… question… and grow. It seems to me that if one were to fully open one’s eyes to the wonders within and without, reverence and awe will follow. With reverence and awe follows love.

Love compells one to donate food. Love compells one to sing and dance. Love compells…


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