Conversations With God

I was in Borders Books and Music back in 99 and was undergoing a LOT of questioning. I was at the end of a three year series of quesioning of where I wanted to go (Montana, Oregon, Alaska, Washington) and I was just starting to get into philosophy. Anyway, I see the book Conversations with God and I snatched up the first one. I was intrigued by the style of the book. I read the first third of it quickly and I liked it very much. Perhaps it was this that laid the seeds for my love of Spinoza in the future.

As part of the One Spirit Book Club (half I could live without) I recieved the complete three volume set. I’ve never gotten past those first couple of chapters of book one.

Recently, after a drive through the coastal mountains with some emotional issues at hand, and also during some breaks of studying (I MUST read outside materials during a term lest I go crazy), I picked up Book 1 again (along with Covey, Og Mandino, Maxwell, Le Guinn) and I read a bit. Neale recently gave a lecture here in Eugene and I was unable to attend as I had to work.

Now I do like the what I’ve read thus far. I am half-way through book one and I’ve peeked a bit into book three. I like the tone of the books and if one is able to leave preconcieved notions of what is right and wrong at the door and approach the book openly it seems that the books might have a bit of merit to them.

Still, I just visited the website and it left a bad impression on me. When I checked out the website forHumanity’s Team I had a bad reaction. It seemed to me to be religion all over again.

I make a distinction between religion and an existentialist undertaking into search for the meaning of one’s own existence.

Religion must die.

The site bothers me. After looking at it I cannot look at the books in the same light. They seem like clever sales pitches to get your money than they did an alternate way of approaching the mystery of life.



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