Ready for Spring Break

The last two weeks have been SPRING! The sun has been out, birds are building nests, students are out on the greens, shorts are the norm, the sap in the body is flowing through the trunk. Spring is here! Also it is finals week in college and I have two tests to take. I did not take my psychology final because I already had an A and the final is optional. The two tests I do have is History of Modern Philosophy and Folklore of the British Islands. The folklore class is going to be the more difficult by far. But it is a 400 level course and it is also my first foray into folklore. Lots of terms and paradigms to learn.

I am about studied out. I am ready to put down my books and go. In fact I have put them down to a large extent. I’ve not done any comprehensive studying like I’ve done for the last couple of tests. I feel that I am full and that I am just adding small tiles to the castle already built. I am ready to go camping!

I spent some time looking at a map that I bought. The Cascades was drawing my attention and I searched map and internet for an idea for a place to go camping. I didn’t go last year, and if I don’t go out into the mountains on a regular basis then there is no justification for me to spend the money I am spending on the SUV that I have. Yesterday I went by the office for the Willamette National Forest and talked for a while. I found out that while it is nice and warm where I am at, at the areas I was looking at there are still three feet of snow. A person like myself, raised in the flat-bottomed south don’t have ideas about elevation. I have a general idea of a couple degrees per thousand feet, but three feet of snow at 5000 feet? I didn’t expect that.

The person at the desk convinced me to try the Coastal Range, particularly the Kentucky Falls area or perhaps Rock Creek Wilderness area. Both are a short morning drive away. I told Eliza that I am packing for this trip. When we went to Mount Adams, Washington last year she packed everything… and I mean EVERYTHING! We had so much stuff! It is a point of laughter between us that if we decide to move to another apartment I will just tell her to pack like we are going camping and that’ll pretty much empty out the apartment.

We’ll be gone Sunday through Wednesday. Four days and three nights away from people and phones and everything. Ahhhh… I can’t wait.

Then it is back to school the following week and the beginning of new classes.

Biology 132 Animal Behavior
Psychogy 202 The Brain and Society
Environmental Studies 203 Intro to Environmental Studies
Math 95 Intermediate Algebra
P.E. Martial Arts Aikido

17 credits

It should be a busy busy busy busy… but otherwise pretty easy term. I am very weak in math and since I am taking a sub-college math course to beef me up for college math (and beyond, I am going for a Bachelors in Science and math is a cornerstone) I needed to take another class that will work toward my degree.

six more terms (ish)


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