thoughts toward a new mission statement?

  • I will act with integrity in all situations .
  • I will be honest with Eliza and share my self with her; because she is my partner and with whom I am sharing my life.
  • I will remember the steadiness of my father in discipline, responsibility, family and principles.
  • I will seek what is beautiful in things and encourage only that which is beautiful.
  • I will make my principles a foundation for my self, and my self a foundation to those around me.
  • I will ever honor the mystery of life.
  • Liberty is the ability to choose and to fully be able to choose is to choose wisely and without restrictions or influences.
  • I will keep things simple and remember the rhythms of life.
  • I will ever keep questioning as essential to learning.
  • I will remember that I am living for “me” and not a job.
  • I will seek out just responses for actions.
  • I will not forget that others are blind, as I am.


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