I did some fishing for bass the other day. The weather is quite warm and I enjoyed the sunshine and time out on the water. Sunday came and I didn’t go fishing because I was given tickets to see Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” by a friend from the UO and I went. Eliza didn’t go as she was sick. I thoroughly ejoyed the show though.

After the show I went to Starbucks and read some. Then I went to Borders and listened to many CD’s, almost buying Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Concertos (among my favorites… especially number 1 and 3) but instead I settled on the soundtrack to the movie “Master and Commander : The Far Side of the World”. It does have a portion of Bach’s Cello Concerto # 1 on it and the rest of it, with classical music and Irish music, is wonderful. I listened to it four times last night.

I also broke down and bought a book in the last five minutes before closing. It was a lapse in willpower, but it is such a nice book. It is the complete guide to fly fishing. Trout season for this portion of the state opens on April 23 and I am getting ready. I’m reading, I’m checking my lines and leaders (will probably re-spool two of my three reels) and I am ready to go. Until that magical date I will continue to bass fish, and perhaps a bit of crappie fishing as well, but I cannot wait until trout season.

There is more to fishing than catching fish.

Aikido is starting to come along for me. Little parts are clicking in my brain. I’ve gotten into the odd habit of extending ki before opening a door and walking through it. This is problemsome because I keep smashing the door back all the way and it returns back to me with the force of my extended key, which is pretty hard. It is safe to say that my way of walking through doors is not in harmony with the door. HA! This is a lesson that I am still working on. Because I can extend ki at a novice’s level right now and that I practice moving from left to right hamni and extending ki while walking around corners and through doors, I am still not recognizing the reality of that which is before me. To fail in this is where I was still at. Aikido is harmony of the inner with the outer (in a spiritual manner) and harmony of your movements with the movement/reality of the person attacking you (the martial component). I might have learned to extend ki somewhat… but I am still not recognizing the reality of that which is before me. So I’ve not learned anything yet that differentiates my movements, which might appear to be aikido, from punching and kicking in another martial art. This recognizing and moving with the reality around me is, I believe thus far in my entering this world, the essential component for me to grasp intuitively in order to begin truly to practice Aikido.

The same things might be said in fly fishing. There are a few basics that can be carried into infinite patterns and uses. But it is all harmony of one’s self with the stream.

I must go… time for class.


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