gay marriage comments that I added to Republican website.

I have some dear, trusted, and loved friends who are gay. I completely support their right for marriage.

We should leave it for religion as to define what they consider a marriage to be. Each religion has it’s own traditions and services and they meet the law of the land as to the basic requirements, each should then be allowed (govern less).

This isn’t a license to allow all religions. There is a difference between respecting diversity or religious freedom, and allowing every idea or movement fruition. Are we, under the guidelines of freedom and liberty, to allow Hammas to open camps in the U.S. staffed by Americans? It would be harmful to our liberty to do so. How is gay marriage harmful to Liberty?

If we are willing to allow civil unions, but not gay marriage, what is the difference save the implications of a religious matter? In both cases two gay people are living together (in sin if you believe some) and recieve certain legal considerations. What is the different as far as the government is concerned? If one is to be against gay marriage, that person should then also be against civil unions.

The issue here is a Christian one and should be settled in the churches. Just as there should be a seperation of church moving into state, there should be a seperation of state moving into church.

Several of the churches are involved in such debate and should one group denote that a marriage is between a man and a woman only, that is fine. It is a religious question. But not all churches within the Christian tradition believe that gay marriage is a sin. Should the government then impose restrictions upon them? Wouldn’t this be a breach of the separation of church and state? Recall the above idea that institutions counter to Liberty shouldn’t be permitted. Again, how is gay marriage dangerous to the Liberty of the state? If it is the simple fact of what is occuring behind closed doors (again, what about less government), then those who are against gay marriage should also be just as adamant in their opposing civil unions.

My vote is to allow the same hopes and dreams for a happy marriage to gays as I myself hold.


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