sex with self

Question 1:
Is masturbation okay? I get a nearly 100% “Yes” answer to this.

Question 2:
Is sex with a member of the same sex okay? I get a 60% to 80% yes with this.

Question 3:
Is sex with your brother/sister okay? I get 100% no with this.

Now… suppose that I have a box that clones people in five minutes. I place you in it, pull some levers and push some buttons, and voila! Out comes a clone of yourself!

Question 4:
Is sex with your clone okay? Most are unsure.

I get a lot of wrinkled brows with this one.

If it is okay to masturbate (sex with self) and okay to have sex with a same sex partner, why is it not okay to have sex with your clone?

If it IS okay to have sex with your clone… why is it okay? The genetic copy is MUCH closer to you than your brother/sister. Why not have sex with them (as long as it is recreational and protected)?

This question is great fun because no matter what a person has answered there are uncomfortable questions that one can ask in response.


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