The Force is with her

Reading in an excellent Aikido book, th back reference section listing books, movies, websites, organizations, and more (exhaustive references) the editor of the book gets to Star Wars. He writes as thus:

The Star Wars Trilogy and Prequels:
George Lucas’ world of Star Wars has long been enormously popular with Aikidoists, inspiring many to begin training. Krystal Locke tells this tale:

A local radio station did a ticket giveaway for the re-releases. To win you had to convince them you deserved one. Many people told sob stories, some pitiful, some funny, and won tickets. Typical. Then a 10-year old girl called up, and when the disc jockey asked her why she deserved a free ticket, she told him very calmly “Because I am studying to be a Jedi.”
“Oh really!” he laughed. “And just how are you doing that? Where did you get your light saber?” with just a hint of scorn.
“Well,” she replied, “for the last three years, I’ve been working hard in school, and I get straight A’s. I go see the old people at Linda Vista and talk to them every week. I’ve been taking karate for 2 years now, and will be testing for my green belt next month. My Mom said that if I do all these things, I will be a Jedi knight.”
I was laughing and crying, and cheered when the guy gave her (with some embarrassment) four tickets for her whole family.
The Force is with her.


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