Another day… woohoo

Back.  I’ve been up for over 30 hours now and two patrols under my belt for the day.  One was pretty darn interesting as it was rush hour and we dismounted and rushed along the crammed cars (think L.A. traffic) and told people to move cars out of our convoy’s way.  Yes… back that piece of junk up over the sidewalk!  Being stuck in traffic is a safety issue as it exposes us to RPG attacks. 

So here I am, running down a crowded traffic tunnel, my armor and magazines bouncing on me as I run with rifle in the ready position, weaving between cars and wondering if I’m going to get run the hell over, and ready to kill in the blink of an eye.  You see… it is legal to have an AK-47, so if I see someone walking down the street with an AK… it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  The moment it moves in my direction though he is now a target of several guns (some are very large) and is shot.  If a person has an RPG, it is an automatic shoot first scenario.

The street was crowded with people, cars, trash, rubble, burned out husks of metal, holes in the ground, and here I am with our well-armed convoy, moving through it and pushing people aside, off the street, onto the sidewalk, into the median, wherever, as long as it is out of our way.  You get a series of warnings to move before you are eventually shot at.  You see, another issue is car bombs with bumper detonation… in other words, they run into you and… you get the picture.  So with these threats (yes, they’ve happed to other units) we do not fuck around.  Yes, we wave back at you and we are here to build sewers, electric power plants, schools, train the police and army to fend for themselves (and they are making great progress), but there are a few nutjobs that want to stir the pot, get us to leave, and launch into a civil war.  There are several countries around us that do not want a democracy but instead a theocracy.  These nutjobs, many from other countries, do not care who they kill.  And yes, children have been used as decoys in the past to slow a convoy down (they throw them in the way of traffic) for an ambush.  So, hard as it might sound to some, we are prepared to kill instantly and violently in any direction.  It is our intent to meet any threat against us with overwhelming firepower.

But I ramble.  Today was like most other days (I’ve not heard any mortar attacks yet today) and I am soon to shower and get some sleep.

In other news… my baby got a kitten and is probably going to name him Pinochle.  I am very proud of my girl.  I eagerly await her package with pictures in it.  I miss her greatly, but most days I am focused on what I am doing here and it doesn’t affect me.  Yet when I talk to her on the phone I tend to get choked up.  But when I leave the phone center I am back to business.

Oh yes… before I forget… several people have asked….

my address is

Sgt Black, Eddie S
1 CD / 39 BCT / 2-162 A Co.
APO AE 09378

And again… this laptop has been an absolute blessing.  Thanks a million to my uncle George for this generous gift.


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