Quick roundup before sleep

After a short sleep tonight I have two big stints on guard duty. So I must make this quit.

First. I talked to my baby for the second time since I’ve been in Baghdad. The sound of her laughter was better than anything I can get over here.

Second. The Red Sox won the World Series. Which means the Cubbies are looking at each other and saying “why not us?” and so next year is the year of the Cubs!

Last week or so I went away from the base for a couple of days. I was with the Iraqi National Guard. I slept in the same room, went out on patrols with them, and slammed my helmet loudly into the door of a guard shack when I (Sgt on Guard) caught one asleep. These guys have no garrison bearing at all. They look like a bunch of misfits, and they probably are. Yet we responded to a call for help from an unit that had been ambushed nearby and when we got there the ING turned into little rabid pit bulls. They were looking for someone to get it on with. I smiled at their enthusiasm. I gained a lot of respect for them on that day. Since then we’ve gone on several dismounted patrols in the neighborhood, including area schools and passing out school supplies.

I don’t know if I’ve written about it or not, but I was in a firefight a couple of weeks ago. I had small arms fire, RPG, and lets not forget, mortar fire. It was interesting to say the least. Mortars are damn loud. But not as loud as a car bomb that exploded over a mile away and still knocked the pictures off of the wall. The hole in the ground was HUGE.

I don’t know what I can really write about or not on this thing. The Oregonian (newspaper from Portland, OR) writes about stuff that I wouldn’t disclose so soon. But I am assuming that it is screened by the commanders here. If it isn’t, it should be. Operation security might not mean much to someone back home, but to us joes driving the streets of Baghdad it is pretty important.


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