Another night time patrol and I was point. We came to a house and my team was to clear the house. My fire team stacked along the wall and moved inside the dark two story house and fanned out inside with a great sense of urgency.

Houses in Baghdad are not wood, they are mortar and brick. This house had nothing it it, it was a shell, it was deserted, and we were looking for hiding insurgents. The windows had been knocked out and the sound of our feet crunching on rubble and glass echoed in the deserted house. The only light was that of my surefire light mounted on my rifle as I cleared room after room.

I entered into a room, spinning into it and ready shoot anyone that was a target, and as I rushed into the room, rifle at the ready…

whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop

… a lot of pigeons had been roosting in this second floor room that had large hole in its wall. They erupted from their roost in the small room and took off.

My heart was now pounding. Coffee? Who needs coffee early in the morning… I almost jumped out of my skin.

It was quite funny and I laughed about it the rest of the patrol.


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