Link Between Cannabis and Mental Illness

Scientists discover a disturbing link between cannabis and mental illness.

A study of 2,500 teens and young adults shows that regular cannabis smoking increases the risk of developing psychosis by six percent over a four-year period.

The results also show a substantially greater impact on those who had already been identified by psychiatrists as having the potential to become psychotic – their risk of developing the mental illness rose by 25 percent.

The symptoms of psychosis include hallucinations and paranoia.

So that is why so many liberals voted for Kerry!  It all makes sense now. 

Watching hemp activist rally in Eugene, Oregon is amusing at times (and boring most of the time).

Activist on mic :  We’ve got to change the laws!

Activist in audience:  (in subdued tone) Yeah man, right on.  (turns to person nearby) You hungry, man?

Another Activist in audience: Sssshhhh.  The Man is watching us, man.  See dem pigs across the street. 

Similiar Activist in audience:  Yeah, man.  They are contemplating how to oppress us right now.  I bet they have pepper spray and gas for us man.

Aforementioned Activist:  Hey, man, I’m gonna go grab some food, dude.

Completely sober Activist:  Aren’t you guys listening?  There is a petition going around to sign!

Hungry Activist:  Petition for what, man?

Annoyed and sober Activist:  For the legalization of marijuana.

Activist who forgot:  Oh yeah… that.  What about food?  I’m hungry.

Activist who overheard mention of food:  Yeah man… let’s get some food!

Activist he was talking to:  Okay, you buying?

Activist who is trying to get food:  No man.  I lost my job

Activist who was watching the cops:  (ears perk up)  I bet you were fired because you didn’t want to fit their bourgoise typecast!

Activist who lost job and now wants food:  Fer sure.  I was late for work a couple of times,  not like nobody’s never done that or nothing.  The boss was late all the time.  He never does nuthing but sit in his office and he gets angry because I went out of town one weekend.

Activist who is looking for petition: Did that petition come this way?

Activist who is wanted by every known law enforcement agency on the planet:  hey man, they moved.  I bet they are looking up our info on the net!  Those bastards have these supercomputers that have everyone’s information and our life histories, man!  You can’t get away from it!  They are everywhere.  Those used jeans you bought today… that is on their super list of things you like, man, and it all goes  to figure out your behavior profile so they can control us better!

Single Activist who actually has a medical condition and the treatment thereof is benefitted by cannabis:  Hey, do you guys have the petition over here?

Activist who is beside the hungry Activist:  No, man.  It must be over there somewhere (points in random direction).  What happened with your treatment?

Activist with an actual medical condition:  The state can’t get my paperwork straight.  They always mess it up.  I can’t even get a prescription filled.

Activist who recently espoused the omniscient, omnipotent abilities of the governement but now believes government to be comepletely inept:  Yeah, man.  They can’t do anything right. 

I could go on forever, but to mimic reality I would literally have to continue this thread for a long, long time, all the while adding random topics (kinda like some of my writing… grin).


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