A letter from my beloved

I got an email from my baby yesterday. She had written me a few days earlier and said that she had a thought about me and autumn and she thought that I might like to hear about it. I told her that I would love to read about it. A couple of days went by and I continued along my way here in Iraq. Then yesterday I woke up and checked my email. It had a message from her and it moved me so much that I was choked up and had tears in my eyes. What my girl expresses in this email is a powerful declaration of love and if I do not record moments such as this in my livejournal, then what do I keep it for?

I am blessed to have Eliza in my life. We grow stronger every day, every month, my walk in life with her this eighteen months or so has been many things, but it above all it has been rewarding and enriching. She is truly the love of my life.

Hello Eddie Darling,

I wanted to write and tell you about the thoughts I had concerning my mom, autumn, and you.  It’s not a big revelation or anything, but I know you could appreciate it.  It actually started with thoughts of you.

The last couple of days it had been overcast and drizzling or raining almost all day.  The night before, I had watched a wind storm that had demanded some respect.  This night, I was feeling at peace and my thoughts turned to you as I enjoyed the quiet night and drizzling skies from my balcony.  I thought about how my perspective of “bad” weather has changed.  Since I have met you, I discovered that I can enjoy the day even if the sun isn\t shining.  If I prepare myself to meet a day of rain or cold, I can appreciate that the streets are more peaceful, that people have slowed down, and that I myself enjoy a difference in mind and spirit.  I mean this literally, but it also applies metaphorically.

I remember reading you a passage about a severely-afflicted optimist, to the extent, that her bubbling over about a cloudy day agitated other people.  You smiled and related to her joy at gray skies.  That stuck with me for some reason.

I have always been a summer fan and sunshine junkie.  You helped me to embrace the unique qualities of autumn.  I will not waste time listing the joys of the changing season because you know them thoroughly.  This is when my thoughts turned to mom.  I thought about how I was a little puzzled when I had learned that fall was her favorite time of the year.  Watching your delight at the falling leafs and perception of things at this time helped me to tap into why she loved autumn too.  Then I thought about how you loved Fiddler on the Roof, was in the play, and bought me the movie as a present.  A curious connection with the film that was my mother’s all-time favorite.

That’s when the very sweet thought graced my mind.  “I thought, I bet My Mother would have loved Eddie.  I bet you two would have had a wonderful relationship and may even have shared a unique relationship of a different commonality that you and I share.  I feel very blessed to have you in my life and know that you are a man of great quality that those dearest to me embrace.

Love, Eliza


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