thoughts on racism

Racism finds a home in white towers 

While I agree with what Williams is saying in his article, I do not think he approaches the issue as well as he could have.  It appears to me that the purpose of this article was to slap the face of the holier than thou liberals who are always oh so politically correct.  Yet his inflamatory arguments do not give much for one to go on.  It would seem to me that he ignored writing to the audience that his article refers to… blacks in America.

I don’t like using the term “blacks in America” because I do not like sectioning off a population like that.  I noticed that President Bush has appointed “minority” members to key,  powerful positions within government, but I’ve not counted as it is something that I don’t really care about, the tally of jobs along racial lines.  I don’t give a hoot what a person’s color is, as long as he/she can do the job.

I think that perhaps race lines are blurring and that we confuse them with social lines.  Is every black man a hip hop, gangsta, thuggish sort of guy?  Depends on where you look, for sometimes it certainly seems that way, but I question how a person looks and in what context.  If you only look at parties and clubs, then your perception of what a black male is might be skewed.  I would ask, what are the characteristics of the white males at these functions as well. 

Perhaps we are losing our differences between racial lines, while the difference between cultural/societal lines are lengthening.  I do not like the hip hop culture.  I think it is vain and shallow and says to people the only thing in life is bling bling and ass fucking.  Therefore I do not get along with many die-hard hip hop culture people, whether they be white or black, as we have no common ground.  Just as I give a person equal opportunity regardless of race, so too do they have equal opportunity for me to consider them a dumb ass, regardless of race.

A person who cannot see past racial lines might automatically construe me as a racist.  They are the true racist, not I.  I do not get along with what is percieved to be “white culture” all that well either, such as the overt urban cowboys, the shoot anything that moves hunt club, and the “Spring-tucky” types that live throughout the Eugene/Springfield area (see meth use, 80’s hair bands, rednecks, all mixed into one).

I have my own personal set of values and I have moved away from my earlier notion that all things are relative and grey.  Perhaps it is, but humans must have some sense of right and wrong.  If we believe a thing is wrong, then it is wrong in our minds, a reality all its own.  If a person, or group of persons, do not match with my set of values, then I will approach my own set and look to see if they are wrong.  Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not.  If a group does not fit well with my own values, then I will not mingle with said group.

However, back to my original point, I do  find it dangerous that the idea of black intellectualism has been so shaped as to leave no other room for anything but reactionary, far liberal, retribution seeking, hate-filled and disempowering.  A couple of years ago while I was living in Houston I made the comment to a friend that I welcomed the discourse on gays in Christianity, as I thought that this would help the stagnant waters of Christian intellectualism (the religous right take things way too seriously).  I thought that the values that Christian preach would be better understood via this debate on gays in the church.  Well, it hasn’t happened yet.  Yet I hold the same hope for these racist type comments from the left on what a real black person is supposed to be like (and cannot be like), that it will foster discussion within the black community and that the richness of thought and traditions within the community will give rise to diversity (odd that I am asking for diversity and the liberals attacking it, eh?) of thought.  I suppose that a strong, powerful, self motivated and empowered woman like Dr. Condoleeza Rice isn’t hip hop enough to be a role model for young black girls in the minds of these ivory tower liberals who see nothing but relativism (where is the relativism as here?).  Dr Rice would be an outstanding role model for any young girl, more so than Britney Spears or Eve. 


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