Mozart’s Requiem

There is something tragic in the opening of Mozart’s Requiem, the “Introitus”.  It has a feeling of being left out, of an irony, of a terribly tragic irony… and then it changes to a broader, enveloping feeling that I would describe as transcending if it were not for the incredible “grounding” of the music.  Can one be transcendent and grounded at the same time? 

In “Kyrie” Mozart embelishes with a fugue with theme and variations.  The mood has changed from irony, let down, grounding, completeness, to one of industry and what I take as “putting all of life’s disparities together”.  Not quite the same as grounding and completeness.

Ah… and now I am listenign to “Dies Irae”… a favorite of mine and a tune that I’ve whistled on countless hikes.  Powerful, rich, amazing, and humbling.

Things get beautiful and peaceful with a duet and I simply lean back in my chair and the music carries me away.  I forget that I am in a combat zone and I immerse myself into the music.

Confutatis… powerful and tender, breaking and healing… a melody of opposites, my boundaries are stretched and I am prepared for the next movement, Lacrimosa… mourning.

Amazing… simply.  I cannot express the things that I am feeling… my failure in writing.  I find that I cannot write because I continue to close my eyes and let myself get carried away in the music.


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