To Blog or not to Blog

Before I left for Iraq I signed up for  Pretty nifty site and I dig it.  I like everything about it, the looks of it, the fact that I can list the books that I am reading on the side, the fact that I can list topics for entries and go back through them later.  I don’t mind the monthly fee so much… but I can’t quit LJ.  Because LJ has friends on it, it is more sociable than typepad.

There are lots of typepad users out there and a lot of good looking pages.  But there is not nearly the volume of interaction between members on typepad as there is on LJ.  Part of the fun on LJ is that sometime, somebody is going to comment on something you said.  It is just as likely that you will not know that person as it is that you will.  I like that.  For without this aspect, why friggin post on the net at all when I can more easily post on my own computer, or in the notebooks that line my shelf?  No, much of the draw and allure is the social aspect and for an introvert like me, this is a great tool. 

Don’t get me wrong, I can strike up a conversation with anyone!  Pick out anyone in the grocery store and I’ll get to talking with them.  But my conversations are shallow, while my interest is not, and because I know that I cannot go to someone and ask them “what do you think of when you imagine an environmentalism that incorporates humanity’s needs as a priority” (as an example), I really feel the gulf in that difference.  I have no interest in the little things like what they think the weather is like, how that beer fits with them, does Paris Hilton need to be exhiled to Cuba (okay, I could actually talk about that for a while).  But really, I don’t care to chit chat with people on shallow things.  I often come off as reserved or not interested at social gathering.  Actually, I am both bored to death and fastly interested at the same time… I watching people, their interactions, and biases and perceptions in play… and that is more interesting to watch than to participate in idle chit chat.

But back to my point.  I am running two blogs now, one here and one at and for the most part they are identicle, with a few posts here and there that are exclusive.  I just created a post in LJ that was originated in Typepad and I can forsee problems when I shut down typepad (IMG links bad). 

I will continue to look for better themes in LJ.  I don’t like any that are out there and I don’t want too much fancy stuff… just links to books and topic headers, or category listings as they are called.

But then again, as my mind slowly starts to come around (I feel it gaining in patience every day… becoming less reactive… but I have a long way to go) and perhaps I’ll start writing on topics, start an actualy blog.  Then I’d keep the blog going, and use LJ as my journal.  That would be okay… and it would give me two voices to write in; the rambling champion of tangents here in LJ, and a more readable, topic oriented person in typepad.


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