A couple of years ago I was in Houston, Texas and was reading The Path : Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life   and in it the author suggested drawing the form of a shield and dividing it into four quadrants.  Within these four quadrants she said to draw a symbol of something that symbolized something important to you.  This, she said, was your personal coat of arms, a symbolic mission statement as it were.

I never got around to doing that, but it enters my mind now and then.  The myth of a family coat of arms is alluring, but truth is, most every family does not have a coat of arms.  It is unlikely that you can look your name up in a book and find a coat of arms.

Still, the thought of creating one of my own is entertaining.

I found a website for kids that lets you create one.

I also found a cool website that makes an old, monastery style book.


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