Kingdom of Heaven

Last nigtht Eliza and I watched “Kingdom of Heaven“.  My favorite scene is when Balian and his small group of troops, heavily outnumbered, charge into battle to give time to the civilians to enter the stronghold.  They knew they were likely to die and yet they still charge.

The movie didn’t flow as well as “Gladiator” (another Scott movie), but it had scenes that I did like very much.  But among my favorites was the sacrifice of their selves in order to secure the safety of others.  Some people might not believe me, but it is these misunderstood notions of what a knight is (historically, this is an inacurate view) that propelled me to enlist in the Marines.  Of all the characters that made a mark on me, as I was growing up, it was the stories of knights that had the biggest iimpact.  I didn’t want to be a cowboy, or an astronaut, or whatever… I wanted to be a knight protecting the weak.  It was these ideas that gave me pause to consider a career as a policeman a couple of years ago.  It is this that has me walking the darker streets and trails when I am out, hoping that if something ill is being done, that I would be come across it and be able to stop it.  It was a regular prayer of mine while in the Marines that if some heinous crime was going to be committed (rape, murder, child kidnapping, etc…) that I would be present so that I would have the opportunity to stop it.

I also liked the scene when Balian was going to burn the bodies of the dead inside of Jeruselem, and a priest was telling him that God would be angry.  Balian’s response was great, that the bodies would spread decay and kill them all, and that God would understand this, and if he didn’t, they had no worries, because he would not be God.

I liked the movie, and I’ll probably buy it when it comes out. 


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