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There are some really amazing journals on LJ.  Some of them blow my mind at how the people designed them.  So, I decided to cancel my typepad account (and the nifty category options that go with it) because all my friends are on LJ and I saw that people were doing good things with LJ.

I hunkered down and spent a couple of hours learning how to do all of this stuff.  I could only find an old style that I had made a loooooonnnnnnggggg time ago that was just terrible.  There is a lot of useless code in it (yep, coding by Notepad baby) and I had to dust off the old HTML books as I forgot how to do basic things. 

But I have a working page now and something of a coherent theme.  It’ll work for now… I’ve got a LOT to do to it to get it where I want it to be.  But lets hear it for basic Notepad, Paintbrush, and a Google search engine.


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