Good morning

Technically it is just after lunch.  Eliza and I stayed up late last night watchign “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind“, until the Blockbuster DVD we had began to skip partway through, at which time, 11:45 pm, we made a mad dash to Blockbuster to trade in our three DVDs.  When we returned home to finish the movie, it skipped again but we managed to finish it. 

The movie is great.  It doesn’t create highs and lows, dragging the individual up and down an emotional roller-coaster, but instead it plants within the person a sense of something real and valuable.  At the end of the movie, Eliza and I sat on the couch together and just enjoyed each other.

Yesterday I joined 24 Hour Fitness and got a good workout in.  Today I plan on another good one, maybe even some yoga.  I’ve lost 8 pounds since I’ve been home, and I want to lose another ten.  I also need to improve my cardio, my strength, and prepare for my PT in another two months.  I also look forward to getting my behavior back on track, getting up and working out, going over goals and such, and getting on with my life.  Being an uneployed couch potato is getting old.  I’ve got to have something to do!

This morning, reading Ann Coulter, I am driven to laughter.  I love Ms Coulter’s writing style. 

Listening to the news this morning I hear a story about a company that is firing smokers because of their (the company’s) resultant increase in healthcare costs.  The company makes the assertion that non-smokers are sick less, take less time off, are better psychologically (I forget what dynamic they referred to), and it is better busines all around for the company to eploy only non-smokers.

This is an odd argument because, it seems to me, that it brings ideas from both a Republican and a Socialist viewpoint (Democrat, Socialist, they are all the same).  On the right is the idea that a company should not have to pay for the poor lifestyle choices of an individual, and on th left is the notion of creating a social order of people where “what is best for them” is outlined, decided by someone else.  

It amazes me at times how members of the progressive community who all hate Bush for being an “evil dick-tater”, are so radically different.  How different can you be, anarchists and socialists?  You’d think “very”, but then again I have some writing by a Anarcho-Communist thinker, Peter Kroptokin,  who proposes an odd mixture of the two.  While some of it sounds nice, other parts do not (at least to me), but on the whole I believe it doesn’t give enough weight to to man’s inherent selfishness (which I do not count as a bad thing)


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