Still Going Strong… and Getting Stronger

My workout was great today.  I did a good thirty minutes of cardio and felt better than ever (within the past year) doing it, and then I did an upper body workout.  

For my upper body I didn’t even take in a journal to keep track of weights or reps or anything.  Instead I selected a weight that was appropriate for my purpose and I did four sets of twelve reps, and I did them S-L-O-W.  This is different than simply jerking weights around or pushing for poundage, this is slow and steady, and on lighter weights than I normally workout with I found myself with shakes though less prominent than the last upperbody workout a few days ago.  I realized, just now while writing this, that I didn’t even care who was around me, I just concentrated on what I was doing and did it.  No ego trips, no nothing.  I don’t know if others experience this ego thing, if it is a guy thing or what, but I always feel it when I am a gym.  But I’m not here for the other guys in the gym, even the other girls, I am here for me and me alone. 

I want to reclaim my life that I had before and a insanely important aspect of that life, in all areas of mental ability, emotional stability, goal setting, performance, work, etc… is related to my health.  It is easier to want to eat healthier when one’s body is feeling healthier.  When I workout, grease doesn’t seem that good or appealing, when I am not, it is GREAT!

I can definitely feel it in many areas, but I want to keep going.  I am looking back into Yoga again, dusting off the old books that I had a few years back and looking at the Group X schedule posted at 24 Hour gym.  It may not be the mother kali yoga, but it will serve my purpose.  I also have meditated a bit more recently, and that is already showing signs of impact on my cognitive states.  I need to get my emotional states back into line.  I am much much too reactive for my liking, not considerate enough, and not discerning enough. 

Now it is off to the store to buy some clothes for my new job, and then to get some healthy food for the kitchen.


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