Beats? Anarchists? Niether.

So I have a bunch of interests listed on my info page.  I don’t visit this page often, but occaisonally I’ll see someone else’s interest page and see an interest and think “ooh, that is definitely one of my interests!” and I’ll have to add it to mine.  Today, with black coffee aroma in the air, I sit down and review my interest.  Time for some random surfing along those interest.

I click on Beatnik and it gives me a smaller listing than I would have guessed.    is a community that was listed and the title grabbed my interest.   It is, thus far, a small group of “writers for the revolution” and this is listed in their “about” line…

This group was founded on November 3, 2004– when Bush claimed his second term. We’re writers and wanderers and beatniks that don’t want to fall into the trance of mediocrity. Grab on to the revolution as it rises. You can be so much more than a cog.

“we…. don’t want to fall into the trance of mediocrity.”  Okay, I don’t really want to spend too much time on this trivial little group, but one quick note here.  When reading Ann Rand books, the heroes were indeed heroic beings.  If anything they fight the status quo and to achieve for the the act of achieving.  Lazze-faire capitalism is highly regarded in Rand’s books and you can never accuse Howard Roark, the hero of “The Fountainhead” of settling for anything but his own highest ideal.

The statement as the “writers” put it is problematic because of a couple things, one they lists Bush’s innauguration as a start for their revolution.  Okay, this supposes that they are either 1) highly inspired with Bush, or 2) highly inspired by, but against, Bush.  I am guessing 2.  They then state they are against living in mediocrity, and then go into being more than a cog. 

Now, I do understand the symbology used here.  I’ve friends that have the same sentiments as well as having read plenty of literature with this flavor.  But it is too cliche and lacks in depth.  How are you going to change society with cliche’s without touching humans on a deeper level? 

If these folks are more along the lines of anarchist, which I agree with on a philosophical level thogh I’d say that we as a species are not ready for such a thing (less government is better), it cracks me up that Bush, and hence the Republican Party, is the end all be all symbol of evil to these folks.  While there are indeed “cogs” in an industrial society, regardless of the political parties, it is the socialists who want to take the cog model and run with it, creating even more levels and layers of cogs.  Yet even so, socialists and anarchists share offices in the same space in a Eugene, Oregon, and will often be seen at progressive gatherings and conventions.  I’ve never been able to understand this.  The two systems most at odds with each other, socialism and anarchism, get along much better than two that are more closely aligned, namely anarchism and republicanism, though I’d say that anarchism and libertarianism are a much better alignment.  note, there are many libertarians in the Republican party.

It seems that there is more cliche’s thrown out and less depth perception, which is not what Beats are about, nor are they about collectivism.  But who knows, maybe the Beats of old are now all dead and are being replaced by self styled Beats who are changing the definition into Hallmark Beats of Universality and Conformity (yep, conformity… if you don’t think so, show me a different topic/writing style/manner).


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