I love the original three Star Wars, was okay with the Episode 1, and thouht Episode 2 was a bit disappointing and frazzled, but Episode 3…


Instead of going with archetypal images that Joseph Campbell can talk about, George Lucas has instead seemed to have consulted to help write the script.  At times I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all!  George Lucas has traded in timeless themes for absurd parodies of current liberal political propaganda.

Okay, Padme laments that they are in war and that they should go to diplomacy.  What?  This is after her homeworld was invaded in epsisode 1 and people killed and her bodyguard killed by a bomb in episode 2?  Now she wants to end the war before the Trade Federation is brought to justice? In Episode 1 she was leading the fight, tired of the committees and committees that didn’t solve anything (hello appeasment, foreign policy of the Democrats). In this one she laments for lack of diplomacy. 

Speaking of the Trade Federation, Darth Vader goes to them at the end and kills them.  They are portrayed as helpless people and the last survivor pleadingly says to Darth Vader that they were told it was the end of the war, that diplomacy would return.  What?  Wasn’t it the Trade Federation that was involved at the start of the war? 

Perhaps I am wrong, but I didn’t catch any of the good guys espouse justice or security, though justice and security were words thrown around like a hacksack at a hempfest by the Sith. 

I thought the movie was visually stunning and it had better scene progression than the first two movies, but the dialogue from the Sith seemed to me to be taken straight from the propaganda pages of

Watch and see, the comparisons of the President to Darth Sidious will get pretty heavy in the weeks to come.


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