Coal Energy

Black Mesa and the traditional Dine’ and Hopi way of life is continuing to be destroyed by Peabody Coal Company’s mining of coal and use of pure drinking water to move the coal to the Mohave power plant. To give a little more understanding of the depth of the destruction caused by Peabody, every year they pump fresh, pure drinking water from the underground aquifers in the amount that is equivalent to 4,600 football fields, one foot deep. This means every 10 seconds, 300 gallons of what should have been pure drinking water for native people and stored for future generations becomes completely toxic coal slurry transportation to feed the insatiable energy appetites of Southern California and Las Vegas. Please go to to find out more information, including what you can do to help. It is absolutely vital that more of us join our voices to end this incredible injustice against the sacred land, water, and people.

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This reminds me of those coal commercials that you see on t.v. nowadays, the ones that play the “Sixteen Tons” song (Tennesse Ford I believe) and has hot, fit, models mining coal. My girlfriend told me that I couldn’t watch it due to a buxom woman operating a jackhammer (things are bouncing it would seem). I’ve thought it perhaps a bit odd from a PR standpoint that they chose a song that, while may sound good, is really damning for the coal industry from a worker’s standpoint (viva la revolution eh?), “I owe my soul to the company store” is a line. In case anyone is not sure about this, it was standard practice for a company (in Crossett, Arkansas it is a timber mill) will not only pay the workers, but it will do so with ‘company money’ that is to be spent in the company store. I have some old Crossett company money someplace. It would be easy for a socialist to look at this model of a worker being paid company money to buy goods from the company store and live in the company town as really a dressed up form of slavery (though we could argue the exact semantics all day long, the point is the same, recall the plight of blacks in the south after the end of slavery).

The television ads say, if my memory is correct, that “coal burns clearn now thanks to environmental technology”. Okay, just because I am a capitalst and a conservative who votes Republican doesn’t mean that I forgot how to listen with my ears (hey libs, open your ears too, not everything conservative is a church revival out to save your soul). The commercial says “burned”, they didn’t say anything about the mining process itself. As I review, mentally, the last ten years or so, I recall that the great majority of news pieces that I’ve read or listened to about coal was about the mining of it, not about the burning of it. Is it possible to mine coal with less damage to the environment? I don’t know. Do some companies say to hell with the environment and strip mine or dump sludge? Yep.

Lets hear it for alternative forms of energy! How about tidal generators? How are they coming along? And if Norway can install solar panels along its major highways that generate LOTS AND LOTS of electricity, I don’t see why Oregon can’t do the same.

Hmmm, that might be worth looking into.

Okay, gotta run, there is a bookstore with a coffee shop inside of it that is SCREAMING MY NAME.


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