freedom or generic

It is my day off and it is raining.  A die-hard fisherman would still go out and fish, but I don’t want to stand in the rain… had enough of that in the last year.  So it is surfing the net time and I came across this statement on a socialist blog.

Is it possible that you could produce some argumentation — some factual argumentation — that Capitalism has more merits than Socialism?

Merits? Economics aside…

The gist of my argument against socialism isn’t that it doesn’t contain merit, nor that capitalism is free of ills, it is that people are selfish beings.  Capitalism pits self interest against self interest and socialism requires ever tightening control to ensure that individuals act accordingly.

Is it possible to have as much variety in goods under a socialist economy as it is under a capitalist?  It is a valid point that we have too much crap for sale, too much junk, too much sensless wastes.  Yet isn’t it a by-product of freedom to have waste?  If you are free in your time, you can waste it or  use it, but it is up to you.  What if I wanted a different sort of product, a product unlike anything else on the market, what if I wanted to produce it.  Would socialism allow me to do so? 

Is this important?


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