boycott borders books and music



Last night I went to Borders Books and Music.  There I found a magazine called “Left Curve”.  On the cover of the magazine is a picture of an insurgent holding an RPG.  The title of this picture is “Resistance”. 


Within the pages of this magazine are pages of anti-American writings that bash America as imperial, as our soldiers as killers, and the insurgents as the resistance.  The editor notes the goal of the magazine


“Our task is much larger but doable. That task is to dismantle the Military-Industrial Complex and disarm the War Machine. If we are serious about this task and stay focused on the issue, we will find ourselves surrounded by many millions of new alliesónew not because they werenít there before, but because we just couldnít see them.”


A poem within this magazine, named “How to Explain the War to Your Children” tells of showing pictures of dead children in Iraq and telling them that we are killing them to make them free, that we will raise our children to be killers of other children.


The magazine is filled with more of the same sentiment.


As some of you may know, I recently returned from Iraq.  Nowhere do you see the level and scale of humanitarianism as you do from the U.S. Soldiers.  To see this magazine and the content within it burns me up inside.  Where are the outcries from the world when “the resistance” detonates a carbomb and kills thirty civilians?  Where are the accounts within the trash such as this magazine about the soldiers who died after completing a park for the neighborhood children to play in?  Where are the articles detailing the amount of food, school supplies, toys, and clothing “asked for” by U.S. Soldiers from their families, friends, churches, and workplaces so that they could give them out to Iraqi children?  Many of my brothers and sisters in arms gave their lives in Iraq, and this magazine would call them all murderers of children who were killed by a noble resistance.




I have gone to Borders Books and Music and have given a complaint against the magazine and have asked them to remove it from the shelves.  The manager told me that they sold books and that many of them were offensive to some body somewhere and he cited gay magazines as an example.


My position is that this is not a public newspaper and that this wasn’t about freedom of the press.  As to whether or not Borders will sell books that are offensive, I do not see hardcore pornography on the shelves, nor do I see books on how to organize a KKK Cross burning, writings from the Aryan nation, or guides to underground abortion clinics or do it yourself manuals.  There are some things that are too offensive to sell, magazines that call my brothers and sisters in arms child killers, and those that have killed my comrades in arms ‘the resistance’ is one of them.  


I’ve informed the manager of my intent to spread this word to everyone that I knew, as well as the media.  If they felt that they could continue to sell such material as this, I will no longer visit their store.


Contact page for Borders


Corporate Headquarters

For general inquiries contact us at:

Borders Group, Inc.
100 Phoenix Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Customer Care email address:


If you prefer to talk to us by phone, please call our customer service center at 888.81.BOOKS. Hours of operation are 7:00 AM—9:00 PM CT (Central Time) Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM—7:00 PM on Saturday and 10:00 AM—7:00 PM CT on Sunday



Thank you for supporting me in removing this trash from the shelves of Borders Books and Music. 


You can do more by contacting your local radio station.  Go to this website  and enter in your zip code.  A list of radio stations will come up that you can call.


You can find a local newspaper by going to this website   as well.  Write a letter to the editor and let them know that you will no longer shop at Borders if trash such as this will continue to be sold from their shelves.


You can find television stations by state by going to this address




Eddie Black

Beaverton, Oregon




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