I bought a delightful book at Borders (before everything happened) the other day so that I can learn about German wine.  The book is The Wine Bible  I had no idea that German wine was so interesting!  The reason that I am having to learn about German wine is that the restauarant that I work at (Gustav’s) offers several German wines.  I went into learning our wine list with the notion that German wines were the same as other places, varietals of grapes with vintages.  Ohhh…. how wrong I was!
   In news this morning, North Korea is sending millions of city dwellers out into the country to help the farmers. 

Okay, cut to the U.S. in some alternate socialist, communist universe, where the haughty urbanites in Eugene who sip their organic chai and carry Marx under their arm…

State Officer:  “You two, you are to report immediately to Eastern Oregon to help in the harvest”
Hippie:  “What?  But I don’t know anything about crops man… I’m a college intellectual”
State Officer:  “You are no different than Bubba Joe… get on the train tonight at 6:00”
Hippie:  “But what about all of the knowledge that I have about state politics and world economy and such?”
State Officer:  “We’ve got a committee looking at it, but we need you on the farm.  Good luck”
Hippie:  “Damn, all I have is Birkenstocks”

  Dean news from Yahoo
Dean told the annual meeting of the Campaign for America’s Future that a big problem facing the country is “the belief that propaganda and manipulation will succeed in America. I think it will not.”

Okay, who (including student groups, businesses, day car centers, and political parties) doesn’t use propaganda?  If the Dems want to espouse such distaste for propaganda (and I assume they mean the more negative form of it) then they had better distance themselves from that hack Michael Moore.

The gathering at a Washington hotel was described by leaders as the “largest gathering of progressives since the November election.” Speakers said the Bush administration and GOP power in Washington were the greatest unifying force for Democrats and liberal activists in many years.

So are they going to admit that they are unifying with some of the radical elements of the left? 

   Yahoo Sports News

Cubbies win 6 in a row!  Woo Hoo!  Derek Lee is a stud, and Naife Perez is doing and outstanding job!  The Cubbies seem to have more than their share of injuries and the pitching staff is hit harder than most, with two star starters and a setup man out (Wood, Prior, and Remlinger), and yet the Cubbies are only 6.5 behind the Cardinals, who have been playing rock steady baseball.  It makes me (and others) wonder what will happen when/if the Cubs can get everyone healthy!


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