From Yahoo News

UNITED NATIONS – U.N. satellite imagery experts have determined that material that could be used to make biological or chemical weapons and banned long-range missiles has been removed from 109 sites in Iraq, U.N. weapons inspectors said in a report obtained Thursday.

The commission, known as UNMOVIC, previously reported the discovery of some equipment and material from the sites in scrapyards in Jordan and the Dutch port of Rotterdam.

Perricos said analysts found, for example, that 53 of the 98 vessels that could be used for a wide range of chemical reactions had disappeared. “Due to its characteristics, this equipment can be used for the production of both commercial chemicals and chemical warfare agents,” he said.

I don’t mind a healthy distrust of government from U.S. citizens… it is who we are.  Remember those history classes where we learnred how the new United States didn’t want to consolidate power in the hands of a federal government?  The Articles of Confederation that was a failure and led to a stronger central government and the U.S. Constitution?  Now we depend on the Federal Government too much, through spending programs and such, and it has grown and grown. 

But of those elements in this country that go beyond skepticism of our own government… that go into a violent, spiteful, venemous hatred of the leftwafta here in the U.S. (and indeed, around the world)… how much trust do they harbor for Saddam Hussein?  How is President Bush so evil and Saddam Hussein not?  If you are going to talk about conspiracy with the Bush family, can’t you at least show the same eagerness to someone who actually has a record of shady deals and murder?


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