Marijuana, Ken Kesey

   From Yahoo News
Court Rules Against Pot for Sick People

Is marijuana good medicine?   Why not take the pill that has THC as an active ingredient (wait, I hear the anti-corporation voices yelling now… down with the man!)  How much of the hype like “this is the only thing that has allowed me to live with my (insert medical problem here), and I need it” is actual true and how much of it is someone who, while actually ill, really wants to be able to smoke pot for reasons other than medical?

Should we be able to smoke pot if we want to, medical reasons aside?

I watched the South Park episode last night where the city was overrun with hippies and Cartman had to tunnel into the middle of the gathering (14 miles in diameter and growing) to put a Slayer tape on to disperse them.  The episode, while funny, hit on a couple of stereotypes. 

So on the issue of stereotypes, if I were to go to random people and ask them to imitate a typical stoner, I am guessing that the actions would be the same.  But how much of this stereotype perpetuates the negative feelings that those like me have toward stoners? 

I’ll try to say it another way.  I am against pot, but am I against people in choosing to stay in their homes all day, eating potato chips, and watching t.v. all day?  A person has a constitutional right to be a moron. 

So why be against a drug like marijuana when one is for freedom?

Marijuana proponents say over and over that it is not addicting, or those that acede this point will say also that there are so many worse things out there.  Here is a sample from MA

Q: How can there be marijuana addicts if marijuana is not addicting?

A: “We who are marijuana addicts know the answer to this question. Marijuana controls our lives! We lose interest in all else; our dreams go up in smoke. Ours is a progressive illness often leading us to addictions to other drugs, including alcohol. Our lives, our thinking, and our desires center around marijuana—scoring it, dealing it, and finding ways to stay high” (Life With Hope, p. xi).

Based on our own experiences, we who seek recovery in MA generally consider ourselves to be marijuana addicts. Whether or not our addiction is psychological, physical, or both, matters little. When it comes to the use of marijuana, we have lost the power of choice. It is strictly up to the individual to decide whether he or she feels addicted to marijuana. MA has no opinion about marijuana itself one way or another. Marijuana Anonymous exists solely to provide a means of recovery to the suffering addict who seeks help.

I’ve seen a lot of people addicted to is, try to get off of it, and never succeed.  I made a remark in an earlier journal entry about siezing my days again, to live with more of a purpose, Carpe Diem, and this is what happens to pot addicts.  I’ve also met many medical marijuana growers who are dealers.  And I’ve heard many off the cuff remarks by smokers who wanted to be able to smoke pot and were looking into ways of getting a license to smoke pot legally through some hyped up medical illness.  Add to this some doctors (a term I use loosely) who wish to perpetuate the marijuana lifestyle and will prescribe the drug quite easily.  There is a ‘doctor’ in Eugene who advertises just this sort of angle in the paper, and he also brings literature to a booth at the campus at times.  It is funny, I don’t see libs attacking this guy for pushing a drug’s prescriptions for his own profits the way they attack “the big drug companies”.

Marijuana is addicting and it is ruinous.  It isn’t the same stuff now that our parents smoked at Woodstock.  It is stronger.  We have freedom to be idiots and morons in this country, to sit in front of the television all day and do nothing… but we can choose to do this.  I am against marijuana because it affects the neurocognitive processes in decision making and personality and instead of choosing to be an idiot or a loafer, the stoner becomes one without choice. 

The argument for legalizing it for profits for the government is no good for me, by legalizaing it we, as a society, give our assent to it and all the effects that it has.  Instead of a society cherishing honor and industry, we will be affirming incompetence and paranoia.

   Ken Kesey said (when he was alive):

“Either you are on the bus, or you’re not.”

Damn!  How can he have made such a polemic remark of abolutism as this!  It is an outrage!  Such talk of aboslutes in this day and age!  How can he say that people are either like him or not? 


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