Oregon, Bookshelves

I had a day off, rain, and then worked, sunny, and then a day off, rain.  I decided to go try fishing anyway and off I went into the Cascade mountains with Eliza.  Unfortunately for me, I do not know the area and what fish and limits are in various waters (Oregon is a patchwork of regulations and special circumstances when it comes to fishing) and it also rained.  It turned out that it rained too much, I had the wrong type of bait for the body of water I ended up at, and we didn’t have tags for Salmon.

Oh well, it was worth the drive to see such beautiful views as this….

and this…

Later that night, Eliza and I went on a three four hour search to various places, eventually ending up in Vancouver, Washington to purchase three bookshelves.  My books have been falling all over the place in “the study”.  Last night I spent a couple of hours putting them onto the shelves and the room looks a lot better. All of the novels are out in the living room on another five shelves.  I think I’ve broken the five hundred book mark!


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