Typing again : thoughts before bedtime

I lasted an entire two days with the splint on my finger.  No More!  Let My People GO!!!!  I took off the splint and alternate between use of my left hand and occaisional outburst of OUCH when I smack the still tender cuts on something.  I suppose I should use my hand ‘cautiously’, but then I wouldn’t be me now would I.

Friday I went to PSU and started the ball rolling on getting into college for the fall.  PSU needs a makeover.  I expect some out of the way classrooms to be dingy, but not the main hallway to admissions where prospective students and their parents might walk though.  The campus is smaller than the University of Houston’s, and I’ve already started to miss the University of Oregon. 

The things I do for love.

On a side note, I am still uncertain if I want to continue my move back to my organic unit (C company, 2/162) or transfer to 1/186 where a lot of the guys I was with in Iraq are at but so happens to be five hours south of me, damn near California!  There is also the possibility of transferring to a  unit here in Portland, a much closer drive.  But I know the guys that I was with in Iraq, and I know they wouldn’t abandon me in a firefight, and I wouldn’t abandon them.  You don’t get that sort of trust easily in this world and when you get it, hold on to it.

Speaking of trust.  How do you learn to trust someone who has betrayed your trust several times?  Is the ball in your court, in their court (assuming a change of heart), or is it a matter of both meeting in the middle?  The head and the heart are seperate on this issue and do not talk with each other.

I should be good to go for work soon.  I can already use my hand at about 60%.   Though I can’t punch with it, I can still shoot a rifle with it, both I don’t see myself doing anytime soon.  But I can type!  Wahoo!  Now if I can get my butt down to writing more on the story that I am working on.

I drew a three rune spread tonight, interesting results.  I have to review it one more time before bed and then let my dreaming mind work on it some.  Of course this isn’t all one must do… I must actually do the spiritual work as well. 

I am still drawn to The Morrigan.  What mysteries are there for me to learn and grow from?

I don’t like the Clintonesque dodging done by Carl Rove.  Is he guilty or not?  Is she an operative or just a CIA pencile pusher?  Did it really  matter or was/is it blown out of proportion?  Both sides have, again, played this as an opera.  If she was an operative, and it is a big deal, and it is criminal, then for crying out loud fire Rove and put him in jail.  Sheesh.

Eating a lot of watermelon lately.  The sights/smells of Summer and the taste of watermelon… mmmm.

Lughnasagh is coming.


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