lj memes

LJ Interests meme results

  1. beethoven:
    is the closest to perfect music that man has come to thus far. I can listen to many of his works and hear every range of human emotion and what it is to be truly, fully human.
  2. chicago bears:
    are my team. I remember “the superbowl shuffle”. Payton and Singleterry are my favorite players. We’ve got Urlacher… but need someone with heart like this on the other side of the ball as well.
  3. espresso:
    ah, creamy and strong… how I love the whole experience of sitting in at a window table, a musty book before me offering a world of ideas, and the small cup of espresso. Sometimes less is more.
  4. infantry:
    I love being infantry, being “there” in the much and blood and going through the hardships and cursing the pogues in the office and everyone who isn’t infantry! HA! But I am infantry so that others don’t have to be, so that I can be there at the spear tip, getting the job done right the first time. Infantry is the best job in the military.
  5. looney toons:
    are responsible for my education for human relations. If someone does you wrong, put a bomb in their pipe. If you love someone, give them flowers. A quick wit is to be used liberally, mixing in words with banana peels and falling anvils. Don’t ever give up chasing your dream (the roadrunner) no matter how often you fall off of the cliff.
  6. my fair lady:
    Audrey Hepburn… what a class act, what a beauty! The music is great.
  7. poetry:
    Frost, Cavfry, Whitman… it is hard to fully conceptialize my life without recalling their poetry.
  8. silence:
    is rare now… there is always a ringing in the ears. When I want it, I go to the mountains.
  9. trees:
    “columns of water”, storage units of water from the root system. At one end of thought they are a part of the world we live in and are tools for us to fulfill our needs. At the other end they are part of and symbols of the process of life that we are a part of, a spiritual way of being. A tree is just a tree… the rest is our projection of our own individual and cultural values upon it.
  10. wrigley field:
    the mecca. Someday I will be sitting in the stands, drinking a beer and eating a dog, singing “take me out to the ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch, and rooting for the cubbies!

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