Layonara Online

Here is the website for Layonara.
Here is the location in that site where you download the files you need to add to your Never Winter Nights program
To play, you have to submit a character in the submit a character forum.  It usually takes a DM about a day or less to review it and post.  Usually they want some good, in depth stuff, though  not too crazy.  Read through some of the other submissions and get a feel of what they are looking for.
Here is my character development thread… it is where I RP some of the things that happen in the game and helps guide my RP actions with other players.  One of the major strengths of this world is the community of people with many different goals and directions.
Here is a photo album of some screen shots with one of my two characters… a paladin of Toran.  I just got new, shiny armor.
You can download a pdf campaign book with all the history and such… both printer friendly and not
My two characters are Vesath Morgandai… a wizard… and Tristan Morgan… a paladin of Toran.

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