I have friends that I was in Iraq with who are now working for various security contractors along the Gulf Coast of the U.S.  They have called me to tell me that they are making very good money, $300 a day plus a $1000 bonus on holidays.  I’ve been told that I could get on with one of the groups quite easily, that I could wait until the Spring after school, and I could work a couple of months.  The thought of working three months, paying off all of my bills, paying off my truck, and paying off Eliza’s bills… is very tempting.  Yet I asked the question… who is paying this crazy bill?


This bothered me.  I’ve weighed it on my mind and heart and after consideration I cannot do it.  I cannot complain about the government having wasteful spending and then take advantage of the same.  It would be nice to have some things taken care of, but the principle of the matter bothers me.

This is an example of why we need to ask where the money is going instead of just writing blank checks.  Need money for education?  Need money for social services?  Can’t find it?  Chances are there is overspending someplace, somebody is making a lot of money.  It isn’t a choice of more jails or more schools… it is aligning the goals of the society with it’s government spending and asking the questions of where is every dollar going.

Look at Portland, yet again we hear requests for jail space and school funding.  Yet look at the Tram project, something that will have a limited impact on anything, and yet is costing millions and millions of dollars, I think it is in excess of $40 Million now.  What gives?


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