Safety Mike Brown sacks Brett Favre in Sunday's win over the Packers, forcing a fumble that Green Bay recovered. FINALLY!  Da Bears have beaten the Packers at Soldier Field.  One of the biggest rivalries in football has been a constant beating and it’s been too long.  11 straight loses at home against the Packers.  But Sunday, while I was at guard drill, Da Bears, put one together and harassed Favre and won the game.

In other news, we had our yearly Dinner Night Out on Saturday.  It is a military tradition where the soldiers wear their uniforms and their dates (since we are infantry, we are mostly men and the dates are women) wear nice dresses and formal gowns.  We all met at the Red Lion, all several hundred of us from 1st Battallion, and ate did the grog.

The Grog is a tradition where every company adds something to the punch bowl.  It can be anything and nearly everything was… from tobassco sauce to champagne was added. Then there is a session of ‘punking’ others up at the bowl, example, a 2nd Lt is called up to the grog to be ridiculed much in the same fashion as “a roast” and then the person is told to drink some of the grog.  It is all done in good fun and gives everyone a laugh.

When the grog was made available to everyone, Sgt Reed and myself were quick to go up and try it…. as well as Eliza.  She was interested in going as well.  The grog was pretty damn stout… much worse than any punch I ever made in high school (you know the type) but we drank it still. 

We got our pictures taken and went home.

And now for something, completely different…

Drill on Sunday was dragging and most of us were feeling the effects of the night before.  But through dedication and perseverence we hung on.  I, and other soldiers who answered the call for replacements needed in Iraq, were presented with Army Commendation Medals.  Some medals in the Army are given out like pieces of candy, and the ARCOM is one of them (so is the Purple Heart), yet this does not say that there are not cases where the medal is warranted (there are definite valid recipients for the Purple Heart) and I believe that we who recieved the ARCOM on Sunday are warranted it.

After drill we went and met up with some friends who own a suite at the Rose Garden.  We watched the Trailblazers play against the Utah Jazz.  It was a good game and the Blazers made two valiant runs to grab a lead,only to have it dwindle at the end.  They are a young team and I like them.  They hustle and play their hearts out and a team like that I will support, regardless of their record.  I will not watch a team that puts  people like Rasheed Wallace on the floor.  I also have a new favorite player…


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