A day begins

Good morning day.

I am awake, three hours of sleep and I feel fine.  I am sharp and ready to go.  I’ll have to see how sharp I feel come Monday when I’ve had to get up at five and four a.m. over the weekend for drill, but today I feel fine.

Today I have to get some last minute juggling done in order to get into school for the Winter Term.  The red tape and hurdles has been unbelievable, yet I cannot blame it on the school… I didn’t try enough.

Last night I started on things, as Covey would write, Quadrant 2 things, as I sometimes do, and it is when I am doing these things that I get a feeling.  This feeling is akin to one piloting his course with a sailboat.  It is the feeling I get when I walk into class to take the final exam, carrying no notes at all, just a pen and paper and a cup of coffee and a smile.  It is the feeling of being prepared and ready for whatever comes my way.  It is opposite the feeling of carrying a stack of notes and reviewing them while on the train and later, minutes before the test is passed out. 

This morning I have made steps into Quadrant 2 and I am happy.

Books that I bought yesterday….

Developing the Leaders Around You” by John Maxwell
The Leader’s Tool Kit
Leadership and the One Minute Manager

I’ve not gotten into them much…. but I anticipate doing so.  This morning I also took down Awakening to the Sacred from my bookshelf and thumbed through it.  I wish to revisit this book as well.

I am throwing my hat in the ring for manager at the club.  If I make it I will have an opportunity to develop my management abilities and add to my experience in the industry.  If I go into business consulting… I will have definite experience in many areas of the food service/club industry.  If I do not get the management job, I’ll still have my waitstaff job.  Either way I will continue in my school and developing where I can.

For now, it is a blessed day and the gods are dancing in the rain drops.  I love the grey breeze through the mossy fir branches.


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