new apartment

I might have found an apartment that I like.  It is not large, but isn’t small either.  It has a small washer/dryer inside of it, and two balconies at either end, but the real feature that I love is that it is near the Nature Center.  I could walk out of the apartment and off of the apartment grounds and be inside of the nature park.  That means easy, convenient access to trees and such.

Another good feature is they will allow me to paint the walls.  Woo Hoo!  So I am planning on March 25, painting the walls, and moving into it before having to be out of my current place on April 1. 

What colors to use though?  I do not want any browns or creams of any sort.  I am thinking of a mossy green, a glowing pomegranit red, and a sunflower orange yellow.  Yes… I intend to use many colors.


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