tiny mix tapes

  I found this website while surfing the net looking for information about Lords of Acid.  I simply love Lords of Acid, they are one of my favorite bands, with Cybersex, The Most Wonderful Girl, and Crablouse being some of my favorites.

While searching, this guy has a website called Tiny Mix Tapes and I like what he does.  He has reviews, lots of reviews, on music and how it matters to him.  These sort of reviews make more sense than the type that you’d read in Rolling Stone, or the local fish wrapper (newspaper). 

But what really struck my interest is that there is the mix tape request.  You type in your phrase and the somehowe, sometime, a list of music is sent to you that matches your requested type of list.

Some examples of requested lists… click on a link to see what songs the people at the website came up with.

song list for your best friend who moved all the way across country to the Bay area after you both finished 4 years of vet school together so she can finish a year internship which pays crap…she loves reality tv, dogs, and the word “border”….a mix that says “I know life sucks right now, but hey we’ve got our dogs and it’ll be worth it next year!”

i have a restaurant designed in cape cod style, i need some tasty background tunes for the tuna!!

Songs for my ex-girlfriend to listen to while she’s trying to figure out how to leave me the hell alone.

Songs for squelching that snicker when your teacher farts loudly and goes on undaunted in his lecture like nothing happened

Songs for playing online checkers.

I keep getting the role of the fool in Shakespearean productions. I want a role with pathos dammit!

you make me want to do naughty things to you in public.

sometimes on my way to work, bombarded with noise, movement and visual chaos I feel like a robot in a futuristic cartoon, slightly detached from the experience of being human, but in a good way. I’m thinking daft punk, flaming lips? so this is a request to the mix tape robots to do the robot with me.

I requested a playlists called “songs to drink coffee and read philosophy to after coming off of a patrol killing insurgents”.  I figured this would give me a good dynamic of angst and calm.  We’ll see what comes of it.


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